Citavi as a helpful tool for your bachelor thesis

Citavi as a helpful tool for your bachelor thesis

The books from the various libraries pile up to towering towers, the floor around your desk is dotted with copies, and you’ve already created ten different folders on your tablet to sort your ebooks and PDFs. But now the moment has come: You have lost the overview of the research literature on your topic for the bachelor thesis! Do not worry, there are programs you can use to sort the research literature and manage the chaos. Already in two previous magazine articles we have introduced you to EndNote and Zotero. In this article, we want to familiarize you with another reference management program and introduce you to its many functions. In addition to EndNote, Citavi is the most widely used program at universities and colleges to help research research and manage results. Therefore, there is a good chance that your university will either provide you with a license for EndNote or Citavi for the duration of your studies. Just ask the staff of your library!

First steps with Citavi in ​​your bachelor thesis

After installing Citavi, you should enter the license data so that you can use the program for the duration of 100 days. You can now create a new project for your bachelor thesis, save your research literature and plan the workflow. If you need to do minor research during your undergraduate studies, you can familiarize yourself with the features of the program. If you are comfortable with Citavi, you can create another project for your master thesis and control the working process with Citavi.

Citavi includes three basic functions, overriden by the terms “literature”, “knowledge” and “tasks”. Under the term “literature” you can collect and manage the countless monographs, anthologies and journal articles that you have selected for your bachelor thesis. Using the Citavi Picker, you can easily extract information from the Internet and from PDF files and no longer have to painstakingly translate the author, title, place and date of publication and publisher into your text document for the bachelor thesis.

If you click on the “Knowledge” button, a window opens in which you can enter the argumentative and content-related structure of your Bachelor thesis. The added value of the program is that you can combine the red thread of your thesis with the reading of the research literature. You can save quotes from the books and journals in the bibliographic entry and assign them to a single argument in your bachelor thesis. If you write in a subchapter of your thesis, you have the required text immediately at hand.

The third basic function of Citavi can be found under the keyword “tasks”. Here you can plan the individual work steps and get your time management under control! You make a note of whether you need to borrow a book, read a section of the text thoroughly, or review a quote. Each task can be provided with an end date and the work status can be entered.

Search for literature for the bachelor thesis

Citavi can help you with many tasks for your bachelor thesis. It combines many features so you do not have to switch between different programs. If you click on the “Research” button, a window opens with which you can search the different library catalogs for research literature. With “Add Database / Catalog” you select the catalog of your university, so that the literature search directly shows you the signature of the book in your library. Here you can save valuable time while working on your bachelor thesis! If the bibliographic data for one of your books can not be found in the databases and catalogs, you can always retrieve the data by entering the ISBN of the book.

Insert quotes into the bachelor thesis

Citavi can also integrate PDF documents. If you’ve linked the bibliographic entry to the file, you can read the chapter or article in the Citavi program. While you are carefully searching the scientific text for arguments for your bachelor thesis, you can mark sections and immediately identify them as direct or indirect quotations. You can assign the text passages to individual chapters of your bachelor thesis and after a short time you have a wealth of arguments that you can prove with scientific literature. If you now go to write the bachelor thesis, the literature management program Citavi unfolds its full strength. With just a few clicks, you can paste quotes into your text and the program formats them in the desired citation style. With little effort, you can meet the wishes of your professor and create a starting point for the best possible evaluation of your bachelor thesis! If you have any questions regarding the handling of the program, we recommend you the brochure for scientific work with Citavi 5 of the University Library.

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