The Introduction of Your Dissertation

What is a Dissertation?

Part of completing your college education can be assignments that test your understanding of what you have learned in class. Your professor will only assign you a particular number of points depending on the information you have. Subsequently, writing the dissertation is a key step that your professor will assess your understanding of a certain topic in your field of study.

A dissertation would appear to be an entry-level task. Thus, students should craft a paper that anticipates their research level. The standard dissertation begins with an introduction. Of course, you can create your intro after you have completed your main paper or one that you have written entirely.

This short introductory section aims at informing your readers of your study’s subject and the significance of it to your student. For this reason, the paper is divided into sections. You will find two paragraphs in your intro that introduce the theme you are about to research.

Thesis Statement

This is your introduction that outlines the significance of the dissertation to your study. Moreover, it gives you a direction on how you will construct the body of your dissertation. The thesis is the backbone of your dissertation.

The thesis section needs to summarize the information you have gathered in your research. The statements you include in the central part will frame your main points in the body of the document.

The Literature Review

This is where you have gathered primary and secondary sources of knowledge in your dissertation. It will help you create a strong thesis statement in your dissertation. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity to explore the numerous claims made in the sources you have used in your research.

Therefore, you should strive to use this part of the paper to show what you have found to validate your study.

Methodology and Key Results

For each objective, you have set out to achieve, you will include a detailed list of the procedures used. This ensures that each claim you make is clear and precise.

You have To Do the Final Dissertation!

The conclusion is the last part of a dissertation paper. This is the last place where you summarize your findings and discuss them in a few sentences. Remember, it is crucial to include relevant, accurate and coherent summaries that will avoid any plagiarism issues. Your dissertation should be the best version of you.

Formatting Your Dissertation

Just like any other academic paper, you will need to format your dissertation paper. Just like any other academic piece, the introduction section will need to be double-spaced, the body of the dissertation will need to be double-spaced, and the conclusion will need to be double-spaced. Furthermore, you will need to align your font on the top or left side.

Checklist for Editing

Did you realize that your paper has more steps? Yes, the dissertation has several chapters. However, your first and last tasks will be the longest. Therefore, always check the checklist below to help you on your writing journey.

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