The writer’s block. The fear opponent during each bachelor thesis

The writer’s block. The fear opponent during each bachelor thesis

At first it went really well with the bachelor thesis. You have found your desired carer. Together, you have considered an exciting topic for the bachelor thesis. You have immediately plunged into reading, spent days and half nights in the library, worked out an outline. Finally you can start writing so slowly is a goal in sight at the end of the dry spell bachelor thesis. At any rate, you thought. Because somehow this white screen stares threateningly at you instead of filling with black letters. For days, that’s the way it is, and now everything seems more important to you than your bachelor thesis: the laundry, the order in your room, the garbage. This situation will be familiar to most students as almost everyone struggles with a writer’s block during his university career. The blank sheet or the empty screen illuminates a bright white. If you decide after long consideration for a formulation, you delete this short time later, either because it does not make sense or because it is simply not good enough. After all, the bachelor thesis is not just any work, but the crowning achievement of the bachelor’s degree. Especially when the writing blockade during the bachelor thesis afflicts, many students quickly panic. The time pressure contributes to the fact that the keyboard remains silent. But this attitude during a bachelor thesis makes it difficult for one to overcome his blockage.

Did I choose the wrong topic for my bachelor thesis or how is writer’s blockage?

Writer’s block can occur at any time. To be aware of this is very important during the writing process of a bachelor thesis or diploma thesis so as not to fail at one’s own claims. Because most of us are our biggest critics ourselves. Especially the bachelor thesis is praised from the beginning of the study as the highlight of the bachelor program, where each student has to show what he has learned in the past semesters. This often causes us to build up great pressure on ourselves, which has a crippling effect. Suddenly you can not cope with the topic of the bachelor thesis or thesis and you think you have nothing to say. But sometimes there are other reasons for a writer’s block. Thus, a writer’s block can indicate that the structure is not yet mature and should be revised. Another reason for a writer’s block could lie in the fact that one is not quite clear what one actually wants to say with his work, the topic of the bachelor thesis is not yet named in the core and should be taken again more precisely. Maybe the topic of the bachelor thesis is still too big and therefore unclear. It should be narrowed down again. Even if these factors seem very annoying during a writer’s block, you should see them as an opportunity to recognize and improve the weaknesses of your own work.

Overcome a writer’s block during the bachelor thesis

So what can I do to overcome my writer’s block? First of all, you should rethink the above points: Is my topic really as clear as I thought? Are the formal frameworks obvious to me and does my structure really lead to the red thread of my bachelor thesis? Especially on the outline should be thrown again a closer look. In the best case, this is so precise that the individual points of the bachelor thesis can be systematically processed and written down. Once the formal points of the bachelor thesis have been clarified, it can help to get started. Thoughts are often confused and difficult to express immediately in the perfect formulation. However, once you have a rough draft of your own text, you can often work much better with it. You have something that you can shape and improve and you no longer staring at the menacing white sheet.

Find the right environment for writing the bachelor thesis

Even the right place plays an important role in writing the bachelor thesis and can be the cause of a writer’s block. Many do not have the motivation to sit alone at their desk and get creative there. In addition, there are much more exciting things at home than the bachelor thesis in chemistry. So it happens quickly that after thirty desperate minutes sitting in front of the screen again sitting on the couch and Netflix looks. In such cases, it is not only the appointment with fellow students in the library that can be helped, but so-called writing caf├ęs, which are now offered by various universities. In a pleasant atmosphere and with coffee and tea you sit together with fellow sufferers and write his bachelor thesis. If problems arise, there are usually scientific employees who provide advice and assistance. Motivation or conceptual difficulties can often be resolved quickly and a writer’s block can be overcome.

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