What is a Dissertation Introduction?

What is a Dissertation Introduction?

Writing a dissertation is not easy, which is why every student is highly encouraged to have a dissertation introduction written before their writing starts. It will come in handy during this writing phase where you can make sense of the information you want to relay. The introduction shows what information the reader should expect to find in your dissertation.

The general outline should read something like this:

  • An overview of the topic
  • An explanation of your research questions
  • A translation of what you hope to achieve when your research is complete
  • A short statement of the research question
  • An expression of your motivation to carry out the research
  • A statement of your research objectives
  • The significance of the research
  • How you intend to answer the research questions

So as you make this outline remember to carefully incorporate the overall goals of your research into the introduction section. Some students will start by explaining what they are interested in and why they think their topic is interesting. This is good. It makes your research more manageable, even if your dissertation is long, which it should be. Your dissertation introduction should also play to what the reviewers want to get out of your work from the first couple of sentences.

Writing a Dissertation Introduction

The reader should feel like they are part of the story when they are reading your dissertation introduction. This means that you should attempt to capture their attention from the first sentence, and you should work on refining the introduction as your dissertation progresses.

Once you have finally composed your paper, read it aloud to yourself to see if you have the kind of intro that will grab their attention. You can convince the reviewer that you have addressed the research questions articulately, give a brief representation of your research aims, and show that you are planning to answer the research questions.

A dissertation should capture the reader’s attention from the beginning. You should try to ensure that this does not happen, because otherwise, there is a high chance that the review will be less interested and review time may be limited.

What to Do to Create a Well-Written Introduction for a Dissertation

Creating a fascinating introduction requires you to give a short and concise description of what the review is about and why you are interested in researching that specific topic. Ensure that your introduction is simple and specific and gives the reader a hint of the kind of information to expect from your paper. To make this easy, have a word count to adhere to, and a topic sentence that they can easily link to your study.

Begin your introduction by setting the stage for an overview of your topic. This means that you should brainstorm your ideas and show your progress in researching that particular topic. Ensure that you lay some groundwork for your dissertation in form of research questions.

The introduction should also capture your objectives by giving your research goals and justifying why you chose the topic. Some steps to help you generate a captivating introduction for a dissertation include:

  1. Arguing out your research questions
  2. Explaining your research objectives
  3. Getting to the essence of your study in a brief sentence
  4. Working on structuring your paper to ensure you have all the sections and flow
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