Where You Need To Investigate Case Study: What You Need to Know

Requirements of Developing a Real-Life Case Study

Case study writing involves analyzing data from real-life situations, which may involve interacting with other individuals or an organization. In most cases, the study is often assigned to students doing a major in law, technology, science, or finance, but these requirements will vary depending on the level of study. The most common types of case studies are structured as case studies in these areas:

  • Political and societal issues
  • Expositions and public events
  • Natural phenomena and consumer goods
  • Financial issues
  • Education and healthcare
  • Cultural issues
  • Societal breakdowns
  • Personnel problems

A case study often produces several contentions that need to be highlighted before it gets to the following crucial parts:

Introduction and research

This part involves describing your research problem, your title of study, and the following segments for your paper:


Here, you have to introduce your study topic, which could take the form of a general nature, specific problem, or a specific subject that you have to tackle. This part is often determined by your tutor and will always be outlined in the assignment. It will depend on what information is assigned to you, but you should always start with the most appropriate things. The kind of background information you choose could even depend on the kind of case study you are doing.

What is being researched?

Here, you need to outline the main arguments that you will use to support your research. Make sure to use these arguments in the last part of your introduction, a summary of the most significant ones.

The research problem and thesis statement

Here, you are supposed to outline a thesis statement that can be left for later. It is worth mentioning that your thesis statement is often the main point of the paper. Always state it early in your introduction to avoid any confusion.

Literature review

This is a section where you clearly outline all the sources you need in your paper to help conduct a sufficient analysis. All the sources you use are to be cited and properly cited as they are.

Summary of findings

Here, you highlight some of the key results from your research. This could include issues relating to your thesis or even a solution that someone should choose for your case. It gives a clear picture of what the research paper looks like after you are done.


Here, you need to summarize all the research steps you have taken. The method you have chosen to analyze will always depend on the kind of case study you are doing. The methodology used should always be explained. It will help you give the readers an idea of what they need to expect.

Conclusion and recommendation

Here, you need to summarize the entire case study and summarize the key findings. Hopefully, the reader sees why you chose the issue or option to focus on and think of it as the solution.

The rest is straightforward. The rest of the paper is all about presenting real-life examples that you have described in the research part. The critical part of your case study is the introduction, as discussed above.

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